LGBT Identities, Communities, and Resistance in North Carolina, 1945-2012

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“LGBT Identities, Communities, and Resistance in North Carolina, 1945-2012” is a project produced by thirty-three students from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in partial fulfillment of their requirements for the advanced undergraduate seminar U.S. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Histories.

The project was developed with the intent to enrich popular understandings of modern American LGBTQ histories through the lens of a state underrepresented in this area of scholarship. Entries are grouped topically.

For more information about the collection, the course, or individual entries, please contact the course instructor David Palmer at Published April 24, 2012

Bars and Commerce

Lesbian Culture in the Triangle Bar Scene by SC Borden

Raleigh Warehouse District: Development of a “Gayborhood,” 1970-present, Roy Ellis

Campus Activism

Carolina Gay Association, 1974 to 1989, Cammie Bellamy

UNC Queer Student Organization, 1974 to the Present, Drew Pierce

Health Care

The North Carolina Lesbian and Gay Health Project and Healthline, Kyle Flannelly

North Carolina Lesbian Health Care, Emily Cid


AIDS and Prisons in North Carolina, 1985-1991, Cassie McMillan

AIDS Service Agency of Orange County and the Orange Community Residence (AIDS House), 1990-1995, Brittany Spruill

Political Responses to AIDS and Bowers v. Hardwick in North Carolina in the 1980s, Dan Woods

Party Politics

Representation of Gay Politics in the 1990s North Carolina Senate Elections, Kathleen Janes

Mandy Carter: Activism during the 1990 and 1996 Helms-Gantt Campaigns, Ramya Ramaswamy

  • Also see entry on Joe Herzenberg below


Feminary: A Feminist Journal for the South Emphasizing the Lesbian Vision, Elizabeth Atwell

LGBT Publications: How Editorial Content and Circulation Cater to the Community, Dustin McManus

Out in Black: Representations of Black LGBT Individuals in North Carolina, Zina Scott-Payne

Out in Black Magazine, Adryen Proctor

Sinister Wisdom: Promoting a Lesbian Feminist Culture, Amelia Parsons

Pride and Visibility

Black and White Men Together in North Carolina, Kristen Maye

Winston-Salem Pride, Charles Czysz

  • Also see entries on Mandy Carter and Pam Spaulding below

Queer North Carolinians

Minnie Bruce-Pratt, Kate Jones

Mandy Carter, Josette Ferguson

Joe Herzenberg, Laura Dunn

Julian Mixon “Jerry” Hayes, Gene Melton

Pam Spaulding, Kat Gipson

Queer Youth

ASPYN (A Safer Place Youth Network), Mary Koenig

The Effects of Sex Education on Queer Youth in North Carolina, Allison Davis

Exodus International, Jay Chakraborty

Gay and Lesbian Student Experiences in North Carolina, Jesse Hollars


Christian Action League of North Carolina, Si Carpenter

Homosexuality and the Episcopalian Church, Stephanie Nieves-Rios

Pullen Memorial Baptist Church of Raleigh, Ryan Lovingood

Subcultural Identities and Communities

The “B” in the LGBT: Bisexuality as an Identity, Taylor Haag

Older Gay Men: Intersectionality of Age, Race and Sexuality, Laura Page

Running Water Farm, Rachel Olsen