Photos of Harry Hay at Jonathan Ned Katz's: early 1983

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Early in 1983, Harry Hay attended a party in Jonathan Ned Katz's third-floor, walk-up apartment in a tenement building at 51 Bank Street, in New York City.

Rich Wandel, the former head of New York City's Gay Activists Alliance, was present and took the following five photos, which he is graciously permitting to upload on the occasion of the Harry Hay Conference, New York, September 27-30, 2012.[1]

Please help OutHistory fill in the names of this party's attendees by emailing Katz at jnk123 at mac dot com. See recollections after the last picture below.

Harry Hay, center. Immediately to his right: John D'Emilio. To John's right (in horizontal striped sweater), Jim Oleson. Wandel 1396A.LoLarg.jpeg

Wandel 1396BLoMed.jpg

Harry Hay, center. David Gibson leaning into picture. Wandel 1396CLoMed.jpg

Wandel 1396DLoMed.jpg

Wandel 1396ELoMed.jpg

Recollections of the Party

Gerald Hannon, an editor and writer at The Body Politic, the gay liberation periodical, published by a collective in Toronto, was at the party and recalls:

I remember the party. I was in the throes of my affair with Chris Lea, and he was utterly dazzled by this trip to NYC and this party. Harry Hay was there, Chris says (I have only vague memories), and came up to us and introduced himself and said good things about what TBP and I were doing in Canada. But that's about all I remember.[2]


  1. Wandel's contact sheet dates this to "early 1983." (Wandel email to Katz, September 19, 2012 7:17:17 PM EDT.) Wandel is the founder and director of the archive at the LGBT Center, New York City, where his photos reside. Rich's photos from that night include three others, one of one of the bearded men, one of Gerald Hannon (an editor at the Toronto gay liberation monthly, the Body Politic), and a poor one of John Burnside, Hay's partner. (Wandel email to Katz, September 20, 2012 5:23:48 PM EDT.) An email from John D'Emilio suggests that this dating is accurate. (D'Emilio to Katz, September 19, 2012 10:28:12 PM EDT.) The calendar of Jonathan Ned Katz for 1983, in the Rare Books and Manuscripts Division of the New York Public Library, might provide the exact date.
  2. Hannon to Katz, email: September 21, 2012 9:58:13 AM EDT.