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Communication Between Users About LGBTQ & Heterosexual History

OPEN ENTRY: This entry is open to collaborative creation by anyone with evidence, citations, and analysis to share, so no particular, named creator is responsible for the accuracy and cogency of its content. Please use this entry's Comment section at the bottom of the page to suggest improvements about which you are unsure. Thanks. hopes to facilitate social networking beteween users interested in particular subjects and/or the site itself.

1. LIST OF RESEARCHER & RESEARCH INTERESTS: Use the list below to let other researchers know your particular research interests in lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and heterosexual history, and then add your discoveries to

2. COMMENT ON PARTICULAR ENTRIES: Users of can network with other users about particular entries by posting a comment on the "Discuss" section of that particular entry. We hope that communication between users interested in the same subject will result in numbers of open, collaboratively written entries.

3. COMMENT ON THE SITE: Users of can network with other users about the site itself by posting a comment on the "Discuss" section of the site.

List of Researchers & Research Interests

Please list your name in alphabetical order below.

Katz, Jonathan ( Interested in recruiting users of to create timelines on particular subjects. For example, see:

Heterosexual History Timeline
Timeline: Transgender Entries on OutHistory
Timeline: 19th Century
Timeline: 20th Century
Timeline: 20th Century--1920-1929
Timeline: 20th Century--2010

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