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Work in Progress for OutHistory.org


David Breitkopf will be creating an entry on Tennis in LGBT History.

Collaborative Open Entries in Progress

Among the collaborative entries in progress are:

Abraham Lincoln, Sexuality and Intimacy: 1809-1865
Curtis Sittenfeld: "American Wife," September 2, 2008
James Buchanan: April 23, 1791-June 1, 1868
Lynne Cheney: "Sisters," November 1981
Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben: September 17, 1730-November 28, 1794
Walt Whitman, Sexuality, and Intimacy: 1819-1892
(this, the first active collaboration, began on July 3, 2008);
ZAP! Art and the Gay and Lesbian Revolution, 1969-present


John D'Emilio is producing a series of original essays on Chicago's LGBTQ history for OutHistory.org, The Windy City TImes, and for ChicagoGayHistory.org, a website with which OutHistory is collaborating. These include:

1 "Gay Power" - about the intensification of police harassment in 1966.
2 "Let's Dance" - about the efforts of early gay and lesbian liberationists in Chicago to make same-sex dancing possible.
3 "In the News" - in 1966 the Chicago Daily News published a multi-part series on gay life in Chicago.
4 "Pulp Madness" - looks at the phenomenon of lesbian pulp fiction of the 1950s and 1960s.
5 "A Woman for All Generations" - a look at the life of Valerie Taylor, a lesbian pulp author, homophile activist, lesbian feminist and gay liberation militant.
6 "Bayard Rustin in Chicago" - trying to imagine the impact of Rustin's publicly known gay identity among civil rights and other progressive activists in Chicago.
7 "Risky Business" - a discussion of "street fairy" life and culture in the 1960s in Chicago.

In addition, D'Emilio has given OutHistory permission to reprint numbers of his out of print and previously published essays that reflect on the writing of LGBTQ History. They will be scanned and posted as soon as time permits. The material already online includes: D'Emilio: "Allan Bérubé's Gift to History," May-June 2008. Texts from D'Emilio's Making Trouble: Esays on Gay History, Politics, and the University, will include:

"Capitalism and Gay Identity"
"Dreams Deferred: The Birth and Betrayal of America's First Gay Liberation Movement"
"The Homosexual Menace: The Politics of Sexuality in Cold War America"
"Gay Politics, Gay Community: San Francisco's Experience"
"Gay History: A New Field of Study"
"Not a Simple Matter: Gay History and Gay Historians"
"Making and Unmaking Minorities: The Tension Between Gay History and Politics"


Carolyn Dinshaw will be adding an entry on Lucy Ann Lobdell, "the female hunter" of Sullivan County


With the permission of Martin Duberman, material from the "Documents" section of Duberman's out-of-print book About Time: Exploring Gay History will be placed on OutHistory.org, making them newly available.


Barbara Grier has allowed OutHistory.org to republish her bibliography on The Lesbian in Literature, a still useful research tool, to which the administrators of OutHistory will gradually add images of book jackets and other images.


For our Art About History section, Faith S. Holsaert will permit OutHistory to upload and distribute her long short story, "Chosen Girl," about two women, one African American and one white, in Greenwich Village in the 1950s, as told by the observant daughter of the white woman. (We just need the time to upload this. Meanwhile it is viewable online at page 7 of: http://home.comcast.net/~wapshot1/summer08/TKE.NF2004.pdf)


Jonathan Ned Katz has given OutHistory permission to publish two original, never-before-published essays. The first is already on the site: Americans in Württemberg Scandal, 1888/Part 1. The second is: "Were the Nineties Gay?" Written for American Heritage Magazine, revised at the editor's request, then rejected when the editor got cold feet about publishing an article on gay history in such a respectable publication. OutHistory will also republish all of the out-of-print, out-of-copyright material in Katz's books Gay American History (1976) and Gay/Lesbian Almanac (1983). This includes all out-of-copyright material on:

African Americans
American colonial era
Chicago LGBTQ history
cross-dressing women and a few men
homosexual emancipation movement before 1969
lesbian history (including lesbian theater history)
marriage and homosexuality
military service and homosexuality
youth on campus and in the media

Republications of Katz's essays will include:

"Katz on History" [18 articles from a column in The Advocate]

"Melvillve's Secret Sex Text" [on the novel Redburn], published in the Village Voice Literary Supplment.

Unpublished entries prepared for Gay/Lesbian Almanac and not used.


Gary Kinsman is writing an article on the history of the national security campaigns against queers in Canada.


OutHistory will republish Tim McCaskell article on AIDS activism in Canada.


Mimi McGurl is continuing to add to her entry on the WOW Theater from original sources.


Joan Nestle is inaugurating an ongoing "Blog on History," a series of personal meditations on the LGBTQ past that will also be solicited by OutHistory from a variety of other people.

Nestle and Marshall

Joan Nestle and Daniel Marshall, based in Australia, are working on a book project together and will create an entry in progress on OutHistory.org on its subject: LGBTTIQ Archives: Their Founding and Future.

Their call for data follows at: Nestle, Marshall: "Archiving Pleasures"; a history, in progress


Esther Newton is will be teaching a course on lesbian history and working with her students to add documents to the section she curated with the help of former students on Lesbians in the Twentieth Century: 1900-1999.


Steven Palmer is researching and will be writing a text for an exhibit on Queer and Hippie Countercultures: 1965-1975, in San Francisco and elsewhere in the U.S. He is interessted in suggestions which may be left in the Discuss section of his entry. He is interested in any data or documentation about the drag performer "Michelle".


In the future, OutHistory hopes to be filling in more of the basic historical data available about the postcards exhibited in Marshall Weeks' marvelous collection of Postcards: Masculine Women, Feminine Men; early-20th c.


C. Todd White is continuing to add to the documents in his exhibit on The Pre-Gay Era in the USA, on the Homosexual Rights Movement in the US, 1950-1969

Whitman, Walt (subject)

A collector of colorful Walt Whitman memorabilia will be photographing choice items for display on OutHistory.org.

An open collaborative entry is in progress on Walt Whitman, Sexuality, and Intimacy.

An entry is planned on Walt Whitman, Sexuality, Biographers and Critics.


If you would like to submit out-of-print or never-published work to which you own the copyright, please email the Project Coordinator at outhistory@gc.cuny.edu OutHistory content creators retain the commercial, for-profit use of their entries and permit the free, educational, not-for-profit use. <comments />