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OutHistory initiates a new blog, the personal take of Rob Frydlewicz on people and events in the past as seen through one man's rose-hued lenses.

Rob Frydlewicz is a history buff, pop culture aficionado and lover of Broadway show tunes & classic disco -- all rolled up into one delightful gay package!

As a contributor to Rob writes about a wide variety of events and milestones that should resonate with the GLBT community. He'll also add his own personal touch by occasionally sharing some of his experiences as a gay man living in New York City.

This entry collects all of Rob's blogs, the latest listed first.

Rob's Blogs for

Rob Frydlewicz: Vatican Scapegoats Gay Seminarians, November 29, 2005

Rob Frydlewicz: Governor McGreevey Makes a Surprising Announcement, August 12, 2004

Rob Frydlewicz: Orange Juice Queen Puts the Squeeze on Gay Rights, June 7, 1977

Rob Frydlewicz: A Harsh Portrayal of Our Lives, Oct. 31, 1969

Rob Frydlewicz: "Boys in the Band" Brings a Bit of Lavender to The Great White Way, April 14, 1968

Rob Frydlewicz: The Downfall of Oscar Wilde, May 25, 1895

Rob Frydlewicz: AIDS Drama, "Andre's Mother", Airs on PBS, March 7, 1990

Rob Frydlewicz: The Gay Subtext of a Popular Song from the 1950's

Rob Frydlewicz: Recalling My First Visit to Provincetown, May 23-26, 1980

Rob Frydlewicz: Ellen DeGeneres Comes Out in Real Life and on Her Sitcom, April 1997

Rob Frydlewicz: Paris Elects a Gay Mayor, March 18, 2001

Rob Frydlewicz: AZT Gains FDA Approval, March 20, 1987

Rob Frydlewicz: Coming Out With the Help of The Village People, April 11, 1978

Rob Frydlewicz: Greg Louganis' Autobiography Becomes TV Movie, March 26, 1997

Rob Frydlewicz: Gay Activists Meet in White House for 1st Time, March 26, 1977

Rob Frydlewicz: Madonna - "Good Housekeeping" Cover Girl, March 16, 2000

Rob Frydlewicz: "Queer as Folk" Begets "The L Word", January 18, 2004

Rob Frydlewicz: TV Movie About Margarethe Cammermeyer, February 6, 1995

Rob Frydlewicz: John Rechy; March 10, 1934-present

Rob Frydlewicz: Paying Tribute to John Waters' Drag Diva Divine, 1945–1988

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